Leadership Systems Assessment

An in-depth assessment of your organization’s current capability to achieve sustained high performance.

From setting strategy to ensuring the team has everything they need to complete today’s work, a leader’s
job is all-encompassing. As your work evolves, the systems and processes you rely on need to evolve, too.
Our fresh perspective can help you and your team jumpstart this process.

Our Approach

Partner with you and your teams to understand what is currently working well, and what could be even better, to support high performance and sustained results.

A Typical Assessment Includes the Following

  • Goal setting and strategic planning processes
  • Operational success factors
  • Project prioritization and implementation
  • Team Readiness

What to Expect

  • One-time session lasting up to three days
  • Assessment planning and defining success
  • Team debrief
  • Customized recommendations
  • Options for next steps

The Outcome

Tangible recommendations for immediate action.