Engaging Your Teams in Effective Project Planning

Goal Deployment Diagram

Goal deployment, the act of collaboratively setting goals and planning the work necessary to achieve them, is one of our favorite activities. It feels like a fresh start, a new opportunity to accomplish what is most important to us. And while it may not sound glamorous, engaging your teams in effective project planning is a…

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Squelching the Urge to Say, “I told you so.”

Stop sign on street at sunset or sunrise, meant to represent taking a pause.

There will come a day when you were right all along. Your warnings went unheeded. Your insights blatantly ignored. But then, your experience finally pays off. A smug smile unfolds and you relish the opportunity to open your mouth and gloat, “I told you so.” You’ve earned it. And it feels good.   “The four…

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Leadership Lessons from History: The Berlin Airlift

Douglas C-54 Aircraft

The Berlin Airlift is the type of inspirational story that makes you wonder why you did not learn about it in school. I only recently discovered it by stumbling across an old History Channel video, and have found myself thinking about it ever since. Not only is the Berlin Airlift a triumph in operational efficiency,…

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