It’s Time to Level Up: A Five Step Guide to Goals that Matter

Multi-level building with turquoise sky

2020 was a sucker punch to the gut. Yet despite the harsh realities brutally exposed this year, I remain optimistic. The entire world was forced to see things they did not want to see, and develop skills they did not plan to develop. And while we may not agree on the facts, and are certainly…

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Leadership Lessons from History: The Berlin Airlift

Douglas C-54 Aircraft

The Berlin Airlift is the type of inspirational story that makes you wonder why you did not learn about it in school. I only recently discovered it by stumbling across an old History Channel video, and have found myself thinking about it ever since. Not only is the Berlin Airlift a triumph in operational efficiency,…

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Seven Ways to Improve Performance


People often ask me, “What are the Seven Ways?” and “Why did you choose them as your business name?” The assumption being that Seven Ways is referencing a prescribed formula, as in, “Here are the seven ways I will help you” or “Let me show you the seven ways to improve.” I can see that.…

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You Get What You Tolerate


True confession time: Sometimes leaders resent their own teams. It’s true! I have known a few. I have even been one. I am not talking about the occasional flippant comment over drinks (though that happens, too). I am talking about aggravation, taking genuine umbrage, with your team’s dysfunction or poor performance. Feeling as though you…

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See something, say something


Most of us have worked for (or at least heard horror stories about) that blowhard boss who just loves to hear themself talk. Their droning words and impractical ideas fill the room, drowning out the contributions of the team. What they see as “rallying the troops” typically results in eye rolls and an increase in…

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Fear of looking stupid is holding you back


I love driving. A few years ago I decided I wanted to learn how to drive properly. Like, in a sporty way. You know, learn how to accelerate properly, take corners, and push my car to her limits. So fast! So furious! The point is, I wanted to make good use of my vehicle and…

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