Engaging Your Teams in Effective Project Planning

Goal Deployment Diagram

Goal deployment, the act of collaboratively setting goals and planning the work necessary to achieve them, is one of our favorite activities. It feels like a fresh start, a new opportunity to accomplish what is most important to us. And while it may not sound glamorous, engaging your teams in effective project planning is a…

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It’s Time to Level Up: A Five Step Guide to Goals that Matter

Multi-level building with turquoise sky. Meant to depict leveling up to goals that matter.

2020 was a sucker punch to the gut. Yet despite the harsh realities brutally exposed this year, I remain optimistic. The entire world was forced to see things they did not want to see, and develop skills they did not plan to develop. And while we may not agree on the facts, and are certainly…

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See something, say something


Most of us have worked for (or at least heard horror stories about) that blowhard boss who just loves to hear themself talk. Their droning words and impractical ideas fill the room, drowning out the contributions of the team. What they see as “rallying the troops” typically results in eye rolls and an increase in…

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